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FAQ: Reset ICs (Voltage Detectors)

How to use

Q. What ohm pull-up resistance is appropriate for Reset ICs?

How to use/ VD: 001

R3119x023A Typical Characteristics


VDS-IOUT characteristics of the NMOS driver is described in Typical Characteristics on datasheets. VDS value refers to the output voltage at low level. First, find the IOUT at desired VDS from the figure. Second, calculate pull-up resistance by the formula below:

[(Pull-up voltage) - (Output voltage at low level)] / IOUT

Then, determine the pull-up resistance value (much) higher than the result of the calculation.

Ricoh reset ICs (voltage detectors) have various electrical characteristics such as highly accurate voltage detection with ±0.5%, low supply currents from 290 nA, and a wide variety of operating input voltages from 0.5 V to 60 V. Moreover, most of the ICs have additional features as follows: a manual reset pin; a SENSE pin; power-on reset; output voltage inversion; over- and undervoltage detection suitable for functional safety.

Our products are available for various applications to monitor voltages.