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Press Release

Ricoh establishes a local subsidiary
"Ricoh Electronic Devices Korea Co., Ltd."
for sales and customer support of semiconductor products.

Tokyo, April 3, 2006---Ricoh Company, Ltd. (President and CEO : Masamitsu Sakurai) announces the establishment of a local subsidiary, Ricoh Electronic Devices Korea Co., Ltd. (REDK) in Kangnam-ku, Seoul, Korea as of April 3, 2006, to focus on customer service and support for the expansion of semiconductor business in Korea.

REDK is to provide technical and sales support of Ricoh semiconductor products through its marketing activity in Korea. Sales of products will continue to be handled through Ricoh's current distributors.

Ricoh has built worldwide leadership in Power Management ICs, Power/Audio Management LSIs, Li-Ion Battery Protection ICs for Cellular Phone and Card Interface LSIs for PCs. Ricoh hopes to expand its current customer base and its semiconductor business in Korea by providing close customer support through the new REDK company.

About REDK

Company Name Ricoh Electronic Devices Korea Co., Ltd.
Location Haesung BLDG 11F, 942, Daechi-dong, Kangnam-ku, Seoul, Korea, 135-845
Establishment April 3, 2006
Start of Operation April 3, 2006
Capital KRW80,000,000 (100% by Ricoh Company, Ltd.)
Business Description Technical support, Sales support, Marketing of Semiconductor related products
President Noriyuki Koike
Number of Employees 8