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Definition of Function Marks

Automatic Automatic Shift to ECO Mode
Manual Manual Shift to ECO Mode
Manu/Auto Manual/Automatic Shift to ECO Mode
Seamless Seamless Shift to ECO Mode
Thermal Thermal Shutdown Circuit
Constant Constant Slope Circuit
Reverse Reverse Current Protection Circuit
Soft-Start Soft-start Circuit
Inrush Inrush Current Limit Circuit
OVLO Overvoltage Lockout Circuit
UVLO Undervoltage Lockout Circuit
OVP Overvoltage Protection Circuit
Shutdown Shutdown Function
Discharge Auto-discharge Function
Anti-Ringing Anti-ringing Switch
Phase Internal or External Phase Compensation
Sequencing Start-up Sequencing Control
Maxduty Maximum Duty Cycle
LED Adjust High-speed LED Adjustment
Single-Wire Single Wire Interface
Diode Diode Rectification
Synchro Synchronous Rectification
P <=> P/V PWM Switching or PWM/VFM Auto Switching
TempCo Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient
Ripple Ripple Rejection, Frequency = 1 kHz
Load Reg Load Regulation
TempChar Temperature Characteristics
Peak Peak Voltage, Application Time = 200 ms or less
SSCG Spectrum Diffusion Type Oscillator
PG Power Good Function
Tantalum Tantalum Capacitor