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External Power Switch/ OVP Switch

R5528Z Typical Application

Handheld equipment such as smartphones and tablet PCs, charging via AC adapter or USB cable, wireless charging is also possible. Therefore selector switch is necessary. Further, if abnormal voltage adapter is connected, over voltage must be detected to prevent from destruction of the system. The switch is called an OVP switch. The R5528 has both of the functions, switch-over and OVP. The R5560 does not have the function of switch-over, however, OVP voltage can be set by user with divider resisters.
The circuit shown below is an example of input voltage switch-over circuit. In this example, when the AC Adapter or USB Charger input is in the appropriate range, PG pin becomes "L", then Wireless Charger side switch turns off by the OVLO pin, as a result, input power source can be switched over. In this example, the AC Adapter or USB Charger side becomes primary input.


Product Name ON Resistance Supply Current Operating Voltage Range OVP Detect Voltage UVLO Detect Voltage Output Current Internal FET EN Other Features Package Datasheet
Typ. Typ. Typ.
R5528 54mΩ 50µA 2.3V to 36.0V 6.8V ±3% 1.9V 3A Nch L Thermal Soft-Start
Reverse : OFF
PG (Power Good) Output Pin,
Debounce Time Delay Circuit
WLCSP-9-P1 Consumer
R5560 38mΩ 19µA 2.5V to 28.0V 6.8V ±3% - 4.5A Nch - Thermal Soft-Start
Adjustable OVLO Threshold
Surge Clamp Circuit: 80V
Debounce Time Delay Circuit
PG Output Pin
WLCSP-12-P2 Consumer

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