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[ Non-promotion/Discontinued Products ]

The R5U232 will be Non-promotion/Discontinued Products.
We recommend new or existing products to the customers.

R5U232 Specifications

The R5U232 is a multi-function PCI Express controller that integrates 4 PCI Express functions (1-lane PCI Express to an IEEE1394, an SD/MMC Card, a Memory Stick and an xD Picture Card) into a single chip.
The R5U232 supports most Flash Memory Cards currently in the market, and the R5U232 allows flexibility for system designers to configure systems to interface with multiple Flash Memory Cards. The R5U232 offers the low power consumption at the low power state.

R5U232:QFN0606-48 (size=6x6mm, pitch=0.4mm, t=0.9mm)
R5U232 Support Type
IEEE1394 S100 / S200 / S400
Combo Slot SD Card SD / SD High Speed / SDHC / SDIO / SD UHS-1 / SDXC
MultiMediaCard MMC / MMCplus / MMCmobile
Memory Stick MS / MS PRO / MS PRO-HG
xD Picture Card xD / Type-M / Type-H

Power Supply Voltage: 3.3V±0.3V
Operating Ambient Temperature Range: 0~70°C

Low Power Consumption

  • Supporting ASPM function and CLKREQ# enables the reduction of the power consumption.
  • Ricoh's proprietary APS (Auto Power Save mode) can provide further reduction of the power consumption.

Internal Regulator & Power-Switch

  • Integrated regulator allows 3.3V single power operation.
  • The integrated MOSFET switch with the short circuit protection allows direct power control for all of Flash Memory card, and that results in a reduction of BOM (bill of material) cost.

Internal PLL

The optimum frequency for each medias, supplied by an internal PLL, provides a high-performance.

Small Package

  • Small 48-pin QFN package provides space saving feature.
  • The R5U232 is ideal for devices that require miniaturization.


  • Personal computers (laptop, palmtop, note-book, stylus-operated, or tablet PC)
  • Docking stations
  • Car navigation systems
  • PDA
  • Express Card
  • Media card readers, etc.