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RC5T623 will be Non-promotion/Discontinued Products.
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RC5T623 Specifications

The RC5T623 is a complete power management system device for CDMA handset. This device contains eight low-dropout linear regulators(LDOs), an USB transceiver function, a vibrator driver, three LED's driver, a Li-ion battery charger controller, and a thermal shutdown protection circuit.
LDO2 is rated for 300mA, and LDO1, 3-8 are each rated for 100mA or 150mA. LDOs are optimized for low noise. Each LDO can be individually ON and OFF through the serial port, as well as individually programmed to any of 32 voltages from 1.7V to 3.34V.
The USB transceiver function is full compliant with the Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 1.1.

Eight Low Drop Out (LDOs) Linear Regulators
(with Programmable Output Voltages 1.7V to 3.34V in 32 steps, On/Off Function and ECO-mode)
USB Transceiver Function
Complies with the Universal Serial Bus Specification Rev. 1.1.
Supports full-speed (12Mbit/s) and low-speed (1.5Mbit/s) serial data rates.
Vibrator Driver (1.3V/3.0V)
Power-On Reset Circuit
Li-ion Battery Charger Controller
LED Driver (3channels) for keyboard backlight and 2 LEDs
Over current Protection (ALL Regulators) and Thermal Protection
CSP0606-49 (Ball Pitch 0.65mm)
CMOS process

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