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R5105 Series
Watchdog Timer with VD

Product Specifications

The R5105 Series are CMOS-based system power ICs with a voltage detector (VD) and watchdog timer (WDT) integrated in a single chip. R5105 monitors the power system of devices equipped with microprocessors and prevents system runaway with a reset signal when a malfunction occurs. The output delay time of the VD and watchdog timeout period/reset time can be adjusted high accuracy by an external capacitor.


Operating Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) 0.9 V to 6.0 V (7.0 V)
Operating Temperature Range −40°C to 105°C, −40°C to 125°C
Supply Current Typ. 11 µA
< Voltage Detector Part >
Detector Threshold Range 1.5 V to 5.5 V (0.1V steps)
Detector Threshold Accuracy ±1.0%
Detector Threshold Temperature Coefficient Typ. ±100 ppm/°C (−40°C≤Ta≤105°C)
Power-on Reset Delay Time accuracy ±16%* (−40°C≤Ta≤105°C)
Power-on reset delay time of the voltage detector Typ. 370 ms with an external capacitor : 0.1 µF
< Watchdog Timer Part >
Built-in a watchdog timer's time out period accuracy ±33%* (−40°C≤Ta≤105°C)
Timeout period for watchdog timer Typ. 310 ms with an external capacitor : 0.1 µF
Reset timer for watchdog timer Typ. 34 ms with an external capacitor : 0.1 µF
Package SOT-23-6

* Accuracy to center value of (Min.+Max.)/2



* VTCD : Threshold voltage of CD pin when a power-on reset pulse inverting.
* Vref2H : CTW pin voltage at the end of WDT timeout period.
* Vref2L : CTW pin voltage at the begin of WDT timeout period.


SOT-23-62.9 mm × 2.8 mm


6 CD

R5105 Series for Automotive

Ricoh is committed to providing a semiconductor device with the highest level of quality and reliability by restricting the device manufacturing only within Ricoh and the cooperative companies successfully passed our stringent inspections for automotive products. Ricoh established a traceability system and manages manufacturing information and logistics information from the warehouse.

Quality Ranks for Applications

Ricoh offers three different quality ranks for automotive products according to their application purposes.
R5105 Series offer products in Rank 2 and Rank 3.

Rank 2: Automotive General Equipments (Body System)

  • Supervisory circuit for automotive general equipments such as electric window, side mirror, and around view camera

Rank 3: Automotive Accessories

  • Supervisory circuit for car accessories such as car audio equipment, car navigation system, and ETC system

AEC-Q100 Grade 2 Compliant (Rank 2), AEC-Q100 Grade 1 Compliant (Rank 3)


R5105 series for automotive operate PRODUCT LONGEVITY PROGRAM.
This program has been introduced to help customers select the most appropriate part for applications that require long life cycles.

Operating Temperature Range : -40°C to 105°C (Rank 2), -40°C to 125°C (Rank 3)

Tjmax 150°C

The R5105 series are rated at high temperature of Tjmax = 150°C. The power dissipation is also rated at high temperature.


The detector threshold, the output type and the taping type for the ICs can be selected at the users’ request.

Product Name   Package Quantity per Reel
R5105Nxx1#-TR-JE AutomotiveAutomotive General EquipmentsAEC-Q100PLP SOT-23-6 3,000
R5105Nxx1#-TR-AE AutomotiveAutomotive AccessoriesAEC-Q100PLP
  • xx … The detector threshold (-VDET) can be designated in the range from 1.5V(15) to 5.5V(55) in 0.1V steps.
  • # … Designation of Output Type
    A: Nch Open Drain
    C: CMOS



Technical Support

Package*1 Reliability*2
SOT-23-6 R5105N (-JE) *3
R5105N (-AE)

*1: The package file includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and land pattern (foot pattern).
*2: Reliability file includes a reliability test report and a reflow profile.
*3: The reliability information is not listed for devices above rank2. Please contact Ricoh sales representatives for further informations.

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