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RP519 Series
0.5A/1A 6MHz PWM/VFM Step-down DCDC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier

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Technical Support

Product Specifications

The RP519 is a low supply current CMOS-based PWM/VFM step-down DC/DC converter with synchronous rectifier featuring 0.5 A / 1 A output current*1.

Output voltage controlling method is selectable between a forced PWM control type and a PWM/VFM auto-switching control type, and can be set by the MODE pin. Output voltage type is selectable between an internally fixed output voltage type and an externally adjustable output voltage type.
Protection circuits in the RP519 is current limit circuit and thermal shutdown circuit. LX current limit value (Typ.) is selectable between 1.6 A and 1.0 A.

The RP519 is available in WLCSP−6−P8 which achieves high-density mounting on boards. Using capacitor of 0402- / 1005-size (inch / mm) and inductor of 0603- /1608-size (inch / mm) as external parts help to save space for devices.

*1: This is an approximate value. The output current is dependent on conditions and external components.


Input Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) 2.3 V to 5.5 V (6.5V)
Standby Current Typ. 0 µA
Output Voltage Range Fixed Output Voltage Type 0.6 V to 3.3 V - Settable in 0.1 V Step
Adjustable Output Voltage Type 0.6 V to 5.5 V
Output Voltage Accuracy Fixed Output Voltage Type ±1.5% (VSET*2 ≥ 1.2V), ±18 mV (VSET < 1.2V)
Feedback Voltage Accuracy Adjustable Output Voltage Type ±9 mV (VFB = 0.6V)
Output Voltage/Feedback Voltage Temperature Coefficient ±100 ppm/°C
Selectable Oscillator Frequency Typ. 6.0 MHz
Oscillator Maximum Duty Min. 100%
Built-in Driver ON Resistance Typ. Pch. 0.175 Ω, Nch. 0.155 Ω (VIN = 3.6V)
UVLO Detector Threshold Typ. 2.0 V
Soft-start Time Typ. 0.15 ms
Inductor Current Limit Circuit Typ. 1.6 A / 1.0 A - Selectable Current Limit
Package WLCSP−6−P8 (1.28 mm x 0.88 mm x 0.36mm)

*2: VSET = Set Output Voltage


RP519ZxxXA/B (Fixed Output Voltage Type)

CIN: 4.7 µF
COUT: 10 µF
L: 0.47 µH

RP519Z00XC/D (Adjustable Output Voltage Type)

CIN: 4.7 µF
COUT: 10 µF
L: 0.47 µH


Efficiency vs. Output Current VOUT=1.8V
VMODE = "L" PWM/VFM Auto Switching

Efficiency vs. Output Current VOUT=3.3V Fixed
VMODE = "L" PWM/VFM Auto Switching



WLCSP-6-P81.28 mm × 0.88 mm × 0.36 mm
B1 Lx

RP519 Series for Consumer


  • Power source for Portable communication equipment such as mobile/smart phone, digital camera, and Note-PC
  • Power source for Li-ion battery-used equipment


The set output voltage, the output voltage type, the auto-discharge function, and the Lx current limit for the ICs are user-selectable options.

Product Name   Package Quantity per Reel
RP519ZxxX$-E2-F Consumter WLCSP−6−P8 5,000
  • xx … Designation of the set output voltage (VSET)
    For Fixed Output Voltage Type: 0.6 V (06) to 3.3 V (33) in 0.1 V steps (0.05 V step is also available as a custom code.)
    For Adjustable Output Voltage Type: 00 only (0.6 V to 5.5 V with external resistors.)
  • X … Designation of Lx Current Limit
    1: Typ. 1.6 A
    2: Typ. 1.0 A
  • $ … Designation of Version
xxX$ Output Voltage Type Auto-discharge Function
xxXA Fixed No
xxXB Yes
00XC Adjustable No
00XD Yes

* Auto-discharge function quickly lowers the output voltage to 0 V, when the chip enable signal is switched from the active mode to the standby mode, by releasing the electrical charge accumulated in the external capacitor.



Technical Support

Package *1 Marking Reliability *2
WLCSP-6-P8 RP519Z RP519Z

*1: The package file includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and land pattern (foot pattern).
*2: Reliability file includes a reliability test report and a reflow profile.

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