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Application Note : Reset ICs (Voltage Detectors)

Settable Detector Threshold / Released Voltage with High Accuracy

A general reset IC has only a preset detector threshold voltage. The release voltage is determined by the detector threshold hysteresis fixed in the IC.
However, it is now possible to use a product with a preset detector threshold voltage and a released voltage.

Ricoh provides the R3150 Series that has a detector threshold voltage and a released voltage with high accuracy (±1.5%), and can be set up at about ±35% for both detect/release output delay time by an external capacitor.
In addition, R3150 Series is a high performance reset IC which is also providing a version with a SENSE pin, and a N-channel open drain "H" Type and a version which can detect directly up to 10V in 36V operation.


Settable Detector Threshold / Released Output Voltage Type

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