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R5499 Series
1-Cell Li-ion Battery Protection IC

Product Specifications

The R5499 is high voltage tolerance CMOS-based protection IC for over-charge/discharge and over-current of rechargeable one-cell Lithium-ion (Li+)/Lithium polymer battery. The R5499 can detect over-charge/discharge of Li+ one-cell and excess load current, further include a short circuit protector for preventing large external short circuit current and the excess charge-current. The R5499 consists of four voltage detectors, a reference unit, a delay circuit, a short circuit detector, an oscillator, a counter, and a logic circuit.
When the R5499 detects over-charge or over-charge current, the output of COUT pin switches to “L” level, that is, the charger’s negative pin level after the internal fixed delay time. When the R5499 detects over-discharge or excess discharge current, the output of DOUT pin switches to “L” level after the internal fixed delay time.
After detecting over-charge or excess charge current, the R5499 can be reset and the output of COUT becomes "H" when a charger is disconnected from the battery pack, and the cell voltage becomes lower than over-charge detector threshold.
However, depending on the characteristics of external components such as MOSFETs, release conditions may be not enough just removing a charger from the battery pack. In that case, a kind of load must be set to release the over-charge detect.
If a charger is continuously connected to the battery pack, even if the cell voltage becomes lower than over-charge detector threshold, over-charge state is not released.
After detecting over-discharge voltage, connect a charger to the battery pack, and when the battery supply voltage becomes higher than over-discharge detector threshold, the R5499 is released and the voltage of DOUT pin becomes “H”. If the battery discharges into 0V level, recharge current is accepted. Once after detecting excess discharge-current or short circuit, the R5499 is released and DOUT level becomes “H” with detaching a battery pack from a load system. After detecting over-discharge, supply current is kept extremely low by halting internal circuits' operation.
When the output of COUT is "H", by setting the V- pin at equal or lower than the delay shortening mode voltage (Typ. -2.0V), the output delay can be shortened. Especially, the delay time of over charge detector can be reduced into approximately 1/110. Thus, testing time of protector circuit board can be reduced. Output type of COUT and DOUT is CMOS.


Operating Input Voltage Range 1.5 V to 5.0 V (Absolute Maximum Rating: 12 V)
Supply Current Typ. 4.0 µA
Standby Current Max. 0.1 µA
Over-charge Detector Threshold Range 4.3 V to 4.6 V (0.005 V Step)
Voltage Accuracy ±12 mV
Output Delay Time 1.0 s
Over-discharge Detector Threshold Range 2.0 V to 3.0 V (0.005 V Step)
Voltage Accuracy ±2.5%
Output Delay Time 32 ms
Detector Threshold Range Code_AC: 0.055 V to 0.080 V (0.005 V Step)
Code_AD: 0.030 V to 0.050 V (0.005 V Step)
Voltage Accuracy ±5 mV
Output Delay Time 128 ms
Detector Threshold Range -0.050 V to -0.100 V (0.005 V Step)
Voltage Accuracy ±15 mV
Output Delay Time 8 ms
Short Current Protection Detector Threshold 0.150 V or 0.230 V (selectable)
Voltage Accuracy ±50 mV
Output Delay Time 250 µs
Output Delay Time Shortening Function At COUT is "H", if V- level is set at –2.0V, the Output Delay time of detect the over-charge and over-discharge can be reduced. (Delay Time for over-charge becomes about 1/110 of normal state.)
Conditions for release over-charge detector Latch type
Conditions for release over-discharge detector Latch type
Package WLCSP-6-P4

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WLCSP-6-P41.10 mm × 0.83 mm
A1 V-

R5499 Series for Consumer


  • Li-ion / Li polymer protector of over-charge, over-discharge, excess discharge-current, excess charge-current for battery pack
  • High precision protectors for cell-phones and any other gadgets using on board Li-ion / Li polymer battery


Product Name   Package Quantity per Reel
R5499ZxxxA#-E2-F Consumter WLCSP-6-P4 5,000
  • xxx … Serial Number for the R5499 Series designating input threshold for over-charge, over-discharge, excess discharge-current and excess charge-current.
  • # … Designation of Function version
    C: VDET3: 0.055 to 0.080V
    D: VDET3: 0.030 to 0.050V



Technical Support

Package*1 Reliability*2
WLCSP-6-P4 R5499Z

*1: The package file includes package dimensions, taping specifications, taping reels dimensions, power dissipations, and land pattern (foot pattern).
*2: Reliability file includes a reliability test report and a reflow profile.

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