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Ricoh RP118Z series, 100 mA*1 LDO measuring only 0.64 x 0.64 x 0.36 mm, is now available.

July 5, 2017
Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.

RP118ZWLCSP-4-P8 package
(0.64 mm × 0.64 mm × 0.36 mm)

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd., a market leading specialist in small package technology, launched a new LDO regulator especially designed for ultra-small applications such as IoT and wearable devices.

The 4-bump WLCSP package contributes to a significant reduction of circuit board space and is currently one of the smallest LDO solutions available on the market.*2

Key Features and Specifications of RP118

The RP118 also offers very low current consumption at no load (0.2 µA) in order to prolong battery life, in disabled mode the LDO consumes only 0.002 µA.
As for the output voltage, it can be internally set from 1.2 V to 3.6 V (in 0.1 V step) to minimize the number of external components.
A special mode changing circuit is integrated to switch automatically between low current consumption mode and a fast transient response mode, the switch-over threshold is related to the output current demand. In this way the RP118 offers fast transient response only when needed and keeps the current consumption low as long as possible.

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*1 Estimated value. Output current depends on conditions and external parts.
*2 According to Ricoh survey