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Ricoh launches functional safety enhanced high-voltage window voltage detector (reset IC)

Apr. 5, 2017
Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.

Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd. has launched the R3152, a window voltage detector (reset IC) with enhanced functional safety for increasing demand in automotive and industrial equipment.

The R3152 is a high-voltage product with 42 V maximum operating voltage. Unlike conventional low-voltage products, it enables to supply power directly from a high-voltage power source used for car batteries and industrial equipment. The divided power source and voltage monitoring enhances functional safety.
The functional safety can also be increased by accurately monitoring overvoltage and undervoltage of power line including stepped-down battery voltage 5 V and 3.3 V.
The pin assignment considering a short between adjacent pins achieves the safety design.

The R3152 has a lineup of four quality grades to meet various applications including general automotive equipment, automotive accessories, industrial equipment, and consumer equipment.


Product Name R3152 Series
Operating Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) 3.0 V to 42.0 V (50.0 V)
Supply Current Typ. 1.5 µA
Overvoltage Detection 2.0 V to 5.9 V (0.01 V step)
Undervoltage Detection 1.6 V to 4.8 V (0.01 V step)
Detection Release Hysteresis Typ. 1.0%
Detection Voltage Accuracy ±0.5% (Ta = 25°C)
−1.25% + 0.75% (Operating Temperature Range)
Release Delay Time Typ. 4 ms (CD = 0.01 µF)
Output Type Nch. Open Drain
Package SOT-23-6

Quality Grades

Grades Applications Operating Temperature Range Guaranteed Specs Temperature Range Screening
Low 25°C High
Automotive, Class K General Automotive Equipment −40°C to 125°C −40°C to 125°C * * *
Automotive, Class A Automotive Accessories −40°C to 125°C 25°C   * *
Industrial Industrial Equipment −50°C to 125°C 25°C   * *
Consumer Consumer Equipment −40°C to 105°C 25°C   *  

Image: R3152 Series
R3152 Series (SOT-23-6)

Key Features and Specifications of R3152