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Ricoh’s industrial power management ICs characterized to −50°C are now available!

Jun. 20, 2016
Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.

Ricoh’s newly added industrial power management ICs are characterized to −50°C, and operate in a wide temperature range from low temperature to high temperature. This line of products are intended for use in extremely cold districts or low-temperature environments. To meet the demands of harsh temperature environment applications, Ricoh offers power management ICs for industrial customers whose application must work in harsh environments.

Applicable Products

(As of Jun. 20, 2016)

Product Name Datasheet  
R1180 Industrial Low Supply Current 150mA Voltage Regulator (LDO Regulator)
R1524 Industrial Low Supply Current 36V Input 200mA Voltage Regulator
RP170 Industrial 10V Input 300mA Voltage Regulator (LDO Regulator)
R3119 Industrial 36V Input Voltage Detector with Delay Function or SENSE pin

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