Package List

pin Symbol Package Halogen
Body size Mount area Thickness Pitch Taping
Quantity/Reel Product Name
8 S SSOP8 H/F 3.5x4.4 3.5x6.4  1.25 0.65 E2  2,000 RS5C372A, RS5C372B
10 S SSOP10 H/F 3.5x4.4 3.5x6.4  1.25 0.5 E2  2,000 RS5C338A, RS5C348A, RS5C348B
10 V SSOP10G H/F 2.9x2.8 2.9x4.0  1.2 0.5 E2  2,000 RV5C338A, RV5C339A, RV5C348A,
RV5C348B, RV5C386A, RV5C387A
10 T TSSOP10G H/F 2.9x2.8 2.9x4.0  0.85 0.5 E2  2,000 R2023T, R2033T, R2043T, R2051T, R2221T, R2223T
12 L QFN018018-12 H/F 1.8x1.8 1.8x1.8  0.43 0.4 E2  3,000 R2221L, R2223L
16 L QFN023023-16 H/F 2.3x2.3 2.3x2.3 0.43 0.4 E2 3,000 R2023L, R2033L, R2043L, R2051L, R2061L, R2062L
18 L QFN0202-18 H/F 2.0x2.0 2.0x2.0 0.43 0.4 E2 3,000 R2262L
14 S SOP14
(RTC Module)
H/F 10.1x5.0 10.1x7.4  3.2 1.27 E2  1,000 R2025S, R2045S
16 S SSOP16   5.0x4.4 5.0x6.4  1.25 0.65 E2  2,000 R2051S, R2061S
22 D SON22
(RTC Module)
H/F 6.1x4.7 6.1x5.0  1.3 0.5 E2  1,000 R2025D
Unit : mm (Reference value)
The description of the body sizes and mount area are width x length.

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