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The RP170x Series are CMOS-based LDO regulators featuring 300mA output current. Because of the 10V maximum input voltage, RP170x can be used in 2 cell lithium-ion battery powered portable appliances and besides a portable equipment. The supply current is Typ. 23µA though an excellent response characteristics.

The output voltage range from 1.2V is possible. The output voltage accuracy and temperature-drift coefficient of output voltage of the RP170x Series are excellent.

RP170x has a fold-back protection circuit and a thermal shutdown circuit. Moreover, a standby mode with ultra low supply current can be realized with the chip enable function.

SC-88A, SOT-23-5 and SOT-89-5 with high power dissipation packages are available.

Supply Current Typ. 23µA
Standby Mode Typ. 0.1µA
Dropout Voltage Typ. 0.20V (IOUT=100mA, VOUT=3.0V)
Typ. 0.77V (IOUT=300mA, VOUT=2.8V)
Ripple Rejection Typ. 70dB (f=1kHz)
Temperature-Drift Coefficient of Output Voltage Typ. ±80ppm/°C
Line Regulation Typ. 0.02%/V
Output Voltage Accuracy ±1.0%
Packages SC-88A, SOT-23-5, SOT-89-5
Input Voltage Range 2.6V to 10.0V
Output Voltage Range 1.2V to 6.0V (0.1V steps)
(For other voltages, please refer to MARK INFORMATIONS.)
Built-in Fold Back Protection Circuit Typ. 40mA (Current at short mode)
Built-in Thermal Shutdown Circuit Shutdown Temperature at 165°C
Ceramic capacitors are recommended to be used with this IC 1.0µF or more
  • Power source for portable communication equipment.
  • Power source for electrical appliances such as cameras, VCRs and camcorders.
  • Power source for battery-powered equipment.
  • Power source for home appliances.
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RP170x Series RP170x Series SOT-23-5 RP170N Reliability
SOT-89-5 RP170H Reliability

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Note : Discontinued Products
SC-88A (RP170Q Series) are already discontinued. Providing only for the customer under present adoption with stock.

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