RP115x Series

Low On Resistance/ Low Voltage 1ch 500mA/1.0A Alternative LDO

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The RP115x Series are CMOS-based positive voltage regulators featuring 500mA/ 1.0A that provide high ripple rejection, low dropout voltage, high output voltage accuracy, and low supply current. Internally, the RP115x Series consist of a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, a resistor-net for output voltage setting, a current limit circuit, a thermal shutdown circuit, and a reverse current protection circuit.
The RP115x Series uses CMOS process for achieving low supply current, low On Resistance for low dropout voltage (TYP. 0.195V (DFN1216-8, IOUT=1.0A, VSET=1.2V)) and CE function for long battery life.
Excellent ripple rejection, input transient response, and load transient response make this series ideal for the power sources of mobile communication equipments.
The RP115x Series are available in the DFN1216-8 package for space saving and the SOT-89-5 (Output current: 1.0A fixed) package for higher power applications.
The RP115L Series (DFN1216-8 package) can choose the output current limit between 1.0A or 500mA by alternating the LCON pin between “H” or “L”.
The RP115H Series (SOT-89-5 package) can output only 1.0A since it does not include the LCON pin.

Supply Current
TYP. 110µA
Supply Current (Standby Mode)
TYP. 0.5µA
Dropout Voltage
TYP. 0.195V (DFN1216-8: IOUT=1.0A, VSET=1.2V)
TYP. 0.235V (SOT-89-5: IOUT=1.0A, VSET=1.2 V)
Ripple Rejection
TYP. 80dB (f=1kHz, VSET ≤ 1.8V)
TYP. 75dB (f=1kHz, VSET > 1.8V)
Output Voltage Accuracy
±1.0% (VSET ≥ 1.75V)
Output Voltage Temperature Coefficient
TYP. ±30ppm/ ºC (VSET ≥ 1.75V)
Line Regulation
TYP. 0.02%/V
DFN1216-8, SOT-89-5
Output Voltage Range
0.7V to 4.3V*1 (0.1V increments)
Built-in Short Current Limit Circuit
TYP. 60mA (DFN1216-8: LCON = "L")
Built-in Peak Current Limit
Built-in Thermal Shutdown Circuit
Thermal Shutdown Temperature: 165ºC
Built-in Constant Slope Circuit for Start-up
Built-in Inrush Current Suppression Circuit
TYP. 300mA (DFN1216-8: LCON="L")
Reverse Current Protection
Recommended Ceramic Capacitors 1.0µF or more
  • *1For the voltages in 0.05V increments, please refer to MARK INFORMATIONS.
  • Power source for portable communication equipments.
  • Power source for electrical appliances such as cameras, VCRs and camcorders.
  • Power source for battery-powered equipments.
  • Local power source for home appliances, printers, scanners, office equipment machines.
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RP115x Series
RP115x Series DFN1216-8 RP115L Reliability
SOT-89-5 RP115H Reliability

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