R1511x Series

300mA 36V Input Regulator

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The R1511x Series are CMOS-based high-voltage resistant and fast response voltage regulators that provide the minimum 300mA of output current. Internally, R1511x consists of an Output Short-circuit Protection Circuit, an Over-current Protection Circuit, and a Thermal Shutdown Circuit in addition to the basic regulator circuits. The operating temperature range is between –40°C to +105°C, and the maximum input voltage is 36V. All these features allow the R1511x Series to become an ideal power source of electric home appliances.
R1511x is available in B version (R1511xxxxB) with the fixed output voltage type, and C version (R1511x001C) with adjustable output voltage type with external resistors. The output voltage accuracy is ±1.0%.
R1511x is available in two types of packages: HSOP-6J for high-density mounting and TO-252-5-P2 for high wattage.

Input Voltage Range 3.5V to 36V
Supply Current Typ. 100µA
Supply Current (Standby Mode) Typ. 0.1µA (R1511xxxxB)
Output Voltage Range R1511xxxxB: 3.0V to 9.0V (0.1V step)
(For other voltages, please refer to MARK INFORMATIONS.)
R1511xxxxC: 3.0V to 12.0V
Output Voltage Accuracy R1511xxxxB: ±1.0% (Ta=25°C)
Feed Back Voltage R1511xxxxC: 3.0V ±1.0% (Ta=25°C)
Output Voltage Temperature-Drift Coefficient Typ. ±60ppm/°C
Line Regulation Typ. 0.01%/V (VDD=VOUT+0.5V to 36V)
Dropout Voltage Typ. 0.64V (IOUT=300mA, VOUT=5.0V)
Package Option HSOP-6J, TO-252-5-P2
Built-in Output Short-circuit Protection Circuit Typ. 50mA
Built-in Over-current Protection Circuit Typ. 450mA
Built-in Thermal Shutdown Circuit Thermal Shutdown Temperature: Typ. 160°C
Operating Temperature Range -40 to +105°C
Ripple Rejection Typ. 65dB (1kHz)
Ceramic capacitors are recommended to be used with this IC CIN=1.0µF or more, COUT=6.8µF or more

  • For home electrical appliances: refrigerators, rice cookers, electrical pots, etc.
  • For digital equipments: laptop PCs, digital TVs, telephone equipments, home LAN systems, etc.
  • For OA equipments: copy machines, printers, fax machines, scanners, projectors, etc.

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Assurance Data
R1511x Series R1511x Series HSOP-6J R1511S Reliability
TO-252-5-P2 R1511J Reliability

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