RP300x Series

0.8% Accuracy, Voltage Detector with Delay Function

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The RP300x Series are CMOS-based voltage detector (VD) ICs with a built-in output delay circuit. Internally, a single IC consists of a voltage reference unit, a comparator, a resistor net for setting detector threshold, a manual reset circuit, an output delay circuit and an output driver transistor.

The RP300x Series are available in internally fixed detector threshold type. When the VDD voltage becomes lower than the preset voltage, the RP300xxxxA/C generates a "L" reset signal and the RP300xxxxB (custom IC*1) generates a "H" reset signal. The detector threshold accuracy is as high as ±1.0% when -VSET*2<1.7V and ±0.8% when 1.7V≤-VSET.

The reset output signal remains asserted for 50ms, 100ms (custom IC) or 200ms after the VDD voltage rises above the threshold voltage or when manual reset is canceled. The RP300x Series are designed to ignore fast transients on the VDD pin. The output delay time accuracy is as high as ±5.0%.

The RP300x Series are available in an Nch open drain output type or in a CMOS output type.

The RP300x Series are offered in an ultra-small DFN(PLP)1010-4B package or in a SOT-23-5 package.

  • *1 For more information about a custom IC, please contact our sales representatives.
  • *2 -VSET is defined as a preset detector threshold.
Supply Current (ISS) Typ. 0.95µA (-VSET=3.08V, VDD=3.18V)
Operating Voltage Range (VDD) 0.72V to 5.50V (25°C)
Detector Threshold Range (-VDET) 1.1V, 2.32V, 2.63V, 2.7V, 2.8V, 2.93V, 3.08V, 3.4V (34), 4.38V (43), 4.6V (46)
Detector Threshold Accuracy ±1.0% (-VSET<1.7V), ±0.8% (1.7V≤-VSET)
Detector Threshold Temperature Coefficient Typ. ±50ppm/°C
Released Output Delay Time (tDELAY) Typ. 50ms, 100ms (custom IC), 200ms
Released Output Delay Time Accuracy ±5% (25°C), ±15% (-40°C to 85°C)
Package DFN(PLP)1010-4B, SOT-23-5
Output Type Nch Open Drain output, CMOS Output
Reset Signal Active-low, Active-high (custom IC)
  • Voltage monitoring for handheld communication equipment, camera and VCRs.
  • Voltage monitoring for battery-powered equipment

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RP300x Series RP300x Series DFN(PLP)1010-4B RP300K Reliability
SOT-23-5 RP300N Reliability

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