Reset Timer IC

A reset timer is designed for a mobile equipment, such as a smartphone and a tablet, with a fixed internal battery which cannot be removed to initiate a reset sequence.
Product Name Operating Voltage
Reset Input Reset Output Supply Current Output Delay
Output Release
Package Data Sheet
R3200x001x 1.65V to 5.5V SR0, SR1 xxxA: RST
xxxB: RST, RST2
0.28µA 7.5s, 11.25s - DFN(PLP)2020-8B
R3200x002x 7.5s 0.234s
R3200L052B 10s 0.313s DFN1216-8
R3200L053B 10s 0.078s
R3200L064A 3s 0.1875s


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