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R3130N/R3131N Series are CMOS-based low voltage detector ICs with built-in delay circuit, high Detector Threshold accuracy and ultra low supply current which can be operated at low voltage. These ICs can be used as system reset generator, and each of these ICs consists of a voltage reference, a comparator, resistors for setting voltage detector threshold, an output driver transistor, and an output delay generator.

Detector threshold is fixed internally with high accuracy and requires no adjustment. When Supply Voltage crosses a setting detector threshold voltage from a high value to a lower value, this IC generates reset signal.

R3130N Series output “L” at detection mode, while R3131N Series output “H”.

Further, each of R3130N/R3131N Series embeds an output delay generator, when Supply Voltage crosses a setting detector threshold voltage from a low value to a higher value, during a setting delay time which is fixed in the IC, this IC keeps the reset condition. Output Delay Time can be selected. (Typ. 240ms is standard.)

Two output types, Nch open drain type and CMOS type, are available.
Since the package for these ICs is SOT23-3 (Mini-mold) package, high density mounting of the ICs on board
is possible.

Pin to Pin compatible with MAX809/810 (R3130Nxxxx: MAX809, R3131Nxxxx: MAX810)
Ultra-low supply Current TYP. 1.25µA (R313xN27xx: VDD=3.0V)
Operating Voltage Range 1.0V to 6.0V (Topt=25°C)
Detector Threshold Setting with a step of 0.1V in the range of 1.6V to 4.8V is possible.
Embedded Power on Reset Delay Time Circuit Delay Time can be designated. Refer to Selection Guide.
High Accuracy Detector Threshold ±1.5%
High Accuracy Output Delay Time ±10.0%
Low Temperature-Drift Coefficient of Detector Threshold TYP. ±100ppm/°C
Two Output Types Nch Open Drain and CMOS
Small Package SOT-23-3
  • CPU & Logic Circuit Reset
  • Battery Checker
  • Window Comparator
  • Wave Shaping Circuit
  • Battery Back-up Circuit
  • Power Failure Detector
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R3130N/R3131N Series R3130N Series SOT-23-3 R3130N Reliability

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Note : Discontinued Products
R3130NxxB/D/H (SOT-23-3) are already discontinued. Providing only for the customer under present adoption with stock.
R3131N (SOT-23-3) are already discontinued.

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