Rectifier Switch

Rectifier Switch

R5590x Typical Application: The R5590x allows batteries to be placed in any direction without regard to positive or negative polarity.

Protection against reverse insertion of a dry cell, generally, mechanically or using diode method is common. These method limits operation if reverse insertion happens. Ricoh offers direction free insertion of a dry cell with the R5590. The R5590 reduces the energy loss of Vf by a diode and rectifies and realizes dry cell direction free insertion.

Rectifier Switch Lineup

Product Name ON Resistance Supply Current Operating Voltage Range Package Data Sheet
Typ. Typ.
R5590x 0.6Ω: SOT-23-5, VIN=1.5V
0.52Ω: SON1612-6, VIN=1.5V
0.05µA: VIN=1.5V 0.9V to 5.25V SOT-23-5
SON1612-6 (under development)


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