R5590x Series

Rectifier Switch IC for Battery Reverse Connection

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The R5590x is a CMOS-based rectifier switch IC for battery reverse connection. This device can output the voltage rectified in either positive or negative polarity regardless of the polarity of the input voltage. Therefore, this device allows the various applications without being limited by the battery loading directions or the connector insertion directions. This device also protect the device system from the accidental reverse connection of battery.
A small loss resistance of typically 0.6Ω and a small supply current of typically 50nA at 1.5V input voltage make this device ideal for the applications using a battery.
For the applications using multiple batteries in series or in parallel, the output pin should also be connected in series or in parallel to rectify the power source and protect the device system.
This device is offered in a small 5-pin SOT-23-5 package or an ultra-small and thin 6-pin SON1612-6 (UD) package which achieves easy and the smallest possible footprint solutions on board where area is limited.

  • UD:Under Development
Input Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) 0.9V to 5.25V (6.0V)
Supply Current Typ. 50nA (Input Voltage 1.5V)
Loss Resistance Typ. 0.52Ω (Input Voltage 1.5V, SON1612-6 (UD))
Typ. 0.6Ω (Input Voltage 1.5V, SOT-23-5)
Package SON1612-6 (UD), SOT-23-5
  • UD:Under Development
  • Battery Driven Toys, Remote Controllers, Mouse
  • Mobile Health Care Devices

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R5590x Series R5590x Series SON1612-6 (UD) R5590D to be prepared
SOT-23-5 R5590N Reliability

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  • UD:Under Development

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