R5528Z Series

Overvoltage Protector IC with Reverse Current Protection

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The R5528Z001A is a CMOS-based overvoltage protector IC with reverse current protection that use an NMOS pass transistor to achieve ultra-low on resistance (Typ. 54mΩ). Overvoltage protection threshold is as high as 6.8V±3%. Also, continuous current capability is as high as 3A.

Internally, the R5528Z001A consists of a reverse current protection circuit, a soft-start circuit, a startup debounce circuit, an undervoltage lockout (UVLO) circuit, and a thermal shutdown circuit.

The R5528Z001A is offered in a small and thin WLCSP-9-P1 package which achieves the smallest possible footprint solution on boards where area is limited.

Input Voltage Range (VIN) 2.3V to 36V
Output Current (IOUT) Max. DC 3A
Switch On Resistance (RON) 54mΩ (VIN = 5.0V, IOUT = 100mA)
OVP Threshold Accuracy 6.8V±3%
PG Function  
Reverse Current Protection Circuit  
Soft-start Circuit  
Startup Debounce Circuit 15ms
Thermal Shutdown Circuit  
Package WLCSP-9-P1
  • Smartphones, Tablet PCs
  • Portable devices
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R5528Z Series R5528Z Series WLCSP-9-P1 R5528Z Reliability

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