R5527K Series

3A Load Switch IC

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The R5527K is an N-channel load switch IC with low supply current, Typ. 40µA. By using an Nch transistor as a driver transistor, the features of low on resistance and the reverse current protection at on/off state are realized.
The R5527K is an ideal load switch IC to supply power from the battery to the load circuit. The R5527K is available in an ultra-small DFN (PLP)1612-4D package which can achieve high-density mounting on boards.

Input Voltage Range 1.8V to 5.5V
Typical RON 48mΩ (VIN=5V)
46mΩ (VIN=4.5V)
45mΩ (VIN=3.8V)
68mΩ (VIN=1.8V)
Slew Rate/Inrush Control with tR 1.5ms (Min.)
3A Maximum Continuous Current Capability
Low Off Switch Current <1µA (R5527K001B/D), <2µA(R5527K001A/C)
Reverse Current Blocking (RCB)
Package DFN(PLP)1612-4D
  • Smartphones, Tablet PCs
  • Storage Devices, Portable Devices
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R5527K Series R5527K Series DFN(PLP)1612-4D R5527K Reliability

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