Switch ICs

Aiming at saving energy, not only the battery-powered application, but all electronic equipment is required to consumption power limit according to each local standard. To save energy, instead of using LDO, switch IC for each circuit block is used after DC/DC converter.
Simple MOSFET can play the role as a switch, but load switch IC can include protection circuits, discharge function at off state, and a slew rate control circuit. As a result, saving space and intensive function realization are possible. Ricoh provides wide variety lineup of switch ICs with low on resistance MOSFET and protection circuits in one chip.

Switch IC Features

Category Product Description Typical Applications Product
USB Switch USB Power Line Protection
USB Power Line ON/OFF Control
USB Powered Application: PCs, PC Peripherals, Digital TVs, STBs, Printers, Smartphones R5520H
Rectifier Switch Output Rectifier Regardless of Input Polarity Toy and Healthcare Product Powered by Dry Cell R5590x
Load Switch Power Line ON/OFF Control and Distribution;
Secondary Power Supply Switch
Power-saving Required Equipment during Standby/ Sleep Mode:
Portable Communication Equipment, DSCs, DSVCs, PCs, MFPs
Battery Line Switch Battery Line Protection; Primary Power Supply Switch or Load Switch Secondary Battery Powered Equipment: Smartphones, Tablet PCs, PNDs, Notebook PCs It can be used as a load switch for any electronic equipment. R5527K
Power Switch
Power Line's Systematic Protection; Secondary Power Supply Switch Power-saving with High Protection Required Equipment during Standby/ Sleep Mode: Portable Communication Equipment, DSCs, DSVCs, PCs, MFPs R5550K
External Power
Several Power Line Switchover Control Power Selection Required Equipment: AC Adapters, USB Chargers, Wireless Charger R5528Z
OVP Switch Overvoltage Protection for Input Pin Charger Protection for Secondary Battery-Powered Equipment R5528Z
PC Card &
Express Card
Power Switch
ON/OFF Control of PC Card Power Line PC Card Bus Slot, PC Card Reader Writer R5533V
ON/OFF Control of Express Card Power Line Express Card Slot R5538D

Typical Application

For Portable Equipment

For Portable Equipment

For Non-Portable Equipment

For Non-Portable Equipment


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