R1293K Series

Multi power supply IC with Amplifier for LCD

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The R1293K Series are multi power supply ICs dedicated for mid-size TFT LCD panels. Each of the IC consists of a PWM control step-up DC/DC converter, an LDO regulator, a VCOM amplifier and six GAMMA amplifiers. The output noise can be reduced by SEL pin. (SEL pin "H": normal mode, SEL pin "L": low noise mode.) The MOSFET for step-up DC/DC converter is built-in and, low power operation is realized by standby mode. The package is 4mm square QFN(PLP)0404-32.

Step-up DC/DC converter part

Input Voltage Range 2.2V to 5.5V (VIN_DC pin)
Adjustable Output Voltage Range with external resistors up to 16V
Feedback Voltage 1.0V
Feedback Voltage Accuracy ±1.5%
Adjustable Oscillator Frequency with external resistors for RT pin 300kHz to 1MHz
Adjustable Phase compensation with external components
Internal Soft Start Time TYP. 10ms
Adjustable Soft Start Time with external capacitors for DTC pin
Oscillator Maximum Duty Cycle Set with external resistors for DTC pin
(Limit TYP. 90%)
UVLO detector threshold TYP. 1.9V
Internal 2A /16V capability Nch MOSFET Driver TYP. 0.2Ω
Built-in Peak Current Limit Circuit
Short Protection with timer latch function (Adjustable delay time with external capacitors for DELAY pin)

LDO part

Input Voltage Range 2.2V to 5.5V (VIN_LDO pin)
Output Voltage Range 1.8V to 2.5V (Selectable / 0.1V Step)
Output Voltage Accuracy ±1.0%
Maximum Output Current Min. 350mA guaranteed
Ripple Rejection TYP. 65db (Frequency = 1kHz)
Built-in Fold-back Protection Circuit TYP. 70mA (Current at short mode)

Buffer Amplifier part

Input Voltage Range for Amplifiers 5V to 16V (VBUFF pin)
Output Current Range for VCOM Amplifier -100mA to 100mA
Output Current Range for GAMMA Amplifier -10mA to 10mA


Built-in Thermal Shutdown Circuit  
Stand-by function by ENB pin  
Package QFN(PLP)0404-32
  • Power sources of the medium and small sized TFT LCD panels

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R1293K Series R1293K Series QFN(PLP)0404-32 Reliability

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