R1283x Series

2ch DC/DC for CCD & OLED

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The R1283x 2ch DC/DC converter is designed for CCD & OLED Display power source. It contains a step up DC/DC converter and an inverting DC/DC converter to generate two required voltages by CCD & OLED Display. Step up DC/DC converter generates boosted output voltage up to 20V. Inverting DC/DC converter generates negative voltage up to VIN voltage minus 20V independently. Start up sequence is internally made. Each of the R1283x series consists of an oscillator, a PWM control circuit, a voltage reference, error amplifiers, over current protection circuits, short protection circuits, an under voltage lockout circuit (UVLO), an Nch driver for boost operation, a Pch driver for inverting. A high efficiency boost and inverting DC/DC converter can be composed with external inductors, diodes, capacitors, and resistors.

Operating Voltage 2.5V to 5.5V
Step Up DC/DC (CH1) Internal Nch MOSFET Driver (RON=400mΩTyp.)
Adjustable VOUT Up to 20V with external resistor
Internal Soft start function (Typ. 4.5ms)
Over Current Protection
Maximum Duty Cycle: 91%(Typ.)
Inverting DC/DC (CH2) Internal Pch MOSFET Driver (RON=400mΩ Typ.)
Adjustable VOUT Up to Vdd-20V with external resistor
Auto Discharge function for negative output
Internal Soft start function (Typ. 4.5ms)
Over Current Protection
Maximum Duty Cycle: 91%(Typ.)
Short Protection with timer latch function (Typ. 50ms); Short condition for either or both two outputs makes all output drivers off and latches./ If the maximum duty cycle continues for a certain time, these output drivers will be turned off.
  CE with start up sequence function
CH1→CH2 (R1283K001x) / CH2→CH1(R1283K002x) Selectable
UVLO function
Operating Frequency Selection ..........300kHz / 700kHz / 1400kHz
Packages DFN(PLP)2730-12, WLCSP-11-P2
  • Fixed voltage power supply for portable equipment
  • Fixed voltage power supply for CCD, OLED, LCD

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DFN(PLP)2730-12 R1283K Reliability

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Note : Discontinued Products
WLCSP-11-P2 (R1283Z Series) are already discontinued. Providing only for the customer under present adoption with stock.

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