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RP400xxx1C Series are high efficiency, step-up DC/DC converter ICs packaged in compact 5pin SOT23 or 6pin DFN(PLP). This converter starts up of low voltage (Typ.1.2V) operation from one to two alkaline or a nickel-metal-hydride (NiMH) or one-cell Lithium-ion (Li+) battery.

This IC consists of a reference voltage unit with soft start, a chip enable circuit, an error amplifier, phase compensation circuits, a slope circuit, a PWM control circuit, a start-up circuit, a PWM/VFM mode control circuit, internal switches and a protection circuit. As a protection circuit, RP400xxx1C has a current limit circuit which limits the peak current of the inductor at each clock cycle.

A low ripple high efficiency step up DC/DC converter can be composed of RP400xxx1C Series with only an inductor, a diode and capacitors. This converter is based on a fixed frequency current mode PWM control which goes to power save mode (VFM mode) at light load automatically. RP400xxx1C Series has built-in Anti-ringing switch to prevent switching node from ringing, when the converter enters the discontinuous current mode.

The output voltage of RP400K001C can be set within 1.8~5.0V (recommended range of output voltage) by external divider resistors.

Low Start-up Voltage guaranteed 1.2V
Input Voltage Range 1.2V~5.5V
High Efficiency 85%(100mA/3.3V, VIN=1.5V, 25°C)
Output current 200mA/3.3V(VIN=1.5V)
Typ. 100mA/2.0V(VIN=1.2V)
Internal Switch NMOS=0.4Ω (VOUT=3.3V, 25°C)
Built-in Phase Compensation, Soft Start, Peak Current Limit Protection
PWM Oscillator Frequency 700kHz
Output Voltage Range Fixed: 1.8V to 5.0V with 0.1V Stepwise
Adjustable: 1.8V~5.0V (RP400K001C only)
(Recommended range of output voltage)
Stable with Ceramic Capacitors
Small Package DFN(PLP)1820-6, SOT23-5
Internal EMI suppression (Anti-ringing switch is included)
  • MP3 players, PDA
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • LCD Bias Supplies
  • Portable blood pressure meter
  • Wireless Handset
  • GPS

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