R1213K Series

2.5A PWM Step-up DC/DC Converter

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The R1213K is a CMOS-based low supply current PWM step-up DC/DC converter capable of providing an output current up to 2.5A. Internally, the device consists of an Nch MOSFET driver, an oscillator, a PWM comparator, a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, a soft-start circuit, an under voltage lockout circuit (UVLO), a thermal shutdown protection circuit, an overcurrent protection circuit and an latch-type protection circuit.
The R1213K requires minimal external component count. By simply using an inductor, resistors, capacitors and a diode, a high-efficiency step-up DC/DC converter can be easily configured.
The R1213K can adjust the output voltage, the soft-start time, the phase compensation using the external resistors and capacitors.
The R1213K has a shutdown control function which can be activated by a protection circuit to turn off the external Pch MOSFET for breaking the current path between the input and output.
The R1213K provides an overcurrent protection circuit, a latch-type protection circuit, a thermal shutdown protection circuit and an UVLO circuit. The overcurrent protection circuit limits the LX peak current and a latch-type protection circuit latches the Nch MOSFET off to stop the operation of the DC/DC converter if the output voltage drop due to overcurrent continues more than the protection delay time.
The R1213K is offered in a 12-pin DFN(PLP)2730-12 package.

Input Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) 2.3V to 5.5V (6.5V)
Supply Current Typ. 550µA (non-switching)
Supply Current Typ. 3mA (switching)
Standby Current Max. 1.5µA (CE = “L”)
Output Voltage Range 3.0V to 15.0V, Externally Adjustable (VFB = 0.8V)
Feedback Voltage Accuracy ±8mV
Feedback Voltage Temperature Coefficient ±50ppm/°C
Output Current 1.0A: VIN = 3.3V, VOUT = 3.8V
500mA: VIN = 2.3V, VOUT = 5.0V
250mA: VIN = 2.7V, VOUT = 9.6V
150mA: VIN = 3.0V, VOUT = 15V
Nch ON Resistance Typ. 0.07Ω
Shutdown Control Function Activated by the external Pch MOSFET
Thermal Shutdown Circuit Activated at 150°C (Hys.= 40°C)
Overcurrent Protection Circuit Activated at Typ. 3.0A
Latch-type Protection Circuit Protection Delay Time: Typ. 32ms
FLAG Output Function Activated at ”H”
UVLO Detector Threshold Typ. 2.0V
Oscillator Frequency Typ. 1.0MHz
Maximum Duty Cycle Min. 85%, Typ. 90%
Soft-start Time Set by the SS Pin
Phase Compensation Set by the AMPOUT Pin
Package DFN(PLP)2730-12
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