R1210Nxx2x Series

PWM Step-up DC/DC Controller

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The R1210Nxx2C/xx2D Series are CMOS-based PWM step-up DC/DC Converter controllers, with high accuracy, low supply current.

Each of the R1210Nxx2x Series consists of an oscillator, a PWM circuit, a reference voltage unit, an error amplifier, phase compensation circuit, resistors for voltage detection, a chip enable circuit, a controller against drastic load transient and an output voltage detector. A low ripple, high efficiency step-up DC/DC converter can be composed of this IC with only four external components, or an inductor, a diode, a transistor and a capacitor.

The R1210Nxx2x Series can detect drastic change of output voltage with a circuit controller, the load transient response is improved.

Each of the R1210Nxx2x Series has a driver pin, or ‘EXT’ pin for external transistor. By connecting a power transistor with low ON-resistance to EXT pin, a large current flows through an inductor, thus, large output current can be supplied.

The built-in chip enable circuit can make the standby mode with ultra low quiescent current.

Since the package for these ICs is small SOT-23-5, high density mounting of the ICs on board is possible.

External Components Only an inductor, a diode, a capacitor, and a transistor
Standby Current Max. 0.5µA
Low Temperature-Drift Coefficient of Output Voltage Typ. ±100ppm/°C
Output Voltage Stepwise Setting with a step of 0.1V in the range of 2.2V to 6.0V
Two choices of Basic Oscillator Frequency 100kHz(xx2C), 180kHz(xx2D)
Output Voltage Accuracy ±2.5%
Small Package SOT-23-5
Low Ripple, Low Noise
Oscillator Start-up Voltage Max. 0.8V
  • Power source for battery-powered equipment.
  • Power source for portable communication appliances, cameras, VCRs.
  • Power source for appliances which require higher voltage than battery voltage.
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R1210Nxx2x Series R1210N Series SOT-23-5 R1210N Reliability

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