DC/DC Converter

Major products are classified by input voltage and function. This chart does not include all products.
Input Voltage Level and DC/DC Converter Type Chart R1272SRP509ZStep-up and Charge Pump Type DC/DC ConvertersRP602ZRP601ZStep-up/down DC/DC Converters LineupR1213KRP508x Step-up and Inverting DC/DC Converters R1283K R1293K R1290K RP600K Step-up DC/DC Converters with VD and VR Lineup R1287x RP401x R1213K Step-up DC/DC Converters Lineup (General use) R1202x R1203x R1202x RP401x Step-up DC/DC Converters Lineup (For PMOLED and General use/ For white LED) R1204x RP506x RP550K RP505K RP504x Low voltage Step-down DC/DC Converters Lineup R1225N R1224N Middle voltage Step-down DC/DC Controllers Lineup R1242S R1243x R1245x High voltage Step-down DC/DC Converters Lineup RP507K R1206N R1208K R1214Z R1286K R1270S


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