R1232D Series


[Information] Changed the specification from PWM/VFM alternative type to PWM control type.

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The R1232D Series are CMOS-based PWM step-down DC/DC converters with synchronous rectifier, low supply current. As an output capacitor, a 10μF or more ceramic capacitor can be used with the R1232D.

Each of these ICs consists of an oscillator, a PWM control circuit, a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, a soft-start circuit, protection circuits, a protection against miss operation under low voltage (UVLO), a chip enable circuit, a synchronous rectifier, Nch. driver transistor, and so on. A low ripple, high efficiency step-down DC/DC converter can be easily composed of this IC with only a few kinds of external components, or an inductor and capacitors. (As for R1232D001x type, divider resistors are also necessary.) In terms of the output voltage, it is fixed internally in the R1232Dxx1x types. While in the R1232D001x types, the output voltage is adjustable with external divider resistors.

As protection circuits, current limit circuit which limits peak current of LX at each clock cycle, and latch type protection circuit exist. The latch protection works if the term of the over-current condition keeps on a certain time. Latch-type protection circuit works to latch an internal driver with keeping it disable. To release the condition of protection, after disable this IC with a chip enable circuit, enable it again, or restart this IC with power-on or make the supply voltage at UVLO detector threshold level or lower than UVLO.

Two choices of Oscillator Frequency 1MHz, 2.25MHz
(Small inductors can be used. 4.7µH for 1MHz/2.2µH for 2.25MHz)
Built-in Driver ON Resistance P-channel 0.2Ω (at VIN=5.0V)
Built-in Soft-start Function Typ. 1.0ms (fosc=1MHz type)
Output Voltage 0.9V to 3.3V (R1232Dxx1x Type)
0.8V to VIN (R1232D001x Type)
High Accuracy Output Voltage ±2.0%
Built-in Current Limit Circuit Typ. 1.4A
Package SON-8 (t=0.9mm)

  • Power source for portable equipment such as PDA, DSC, Notebook PC.
  • Power source for HDD

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R1232D Series
R1232D Series SON-8 R1232D Reliability

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