Step-down DC/DC Converter

Middle voltage Step-down DC/DC Controllers Lineup

These products are middle voltage step-down DC/DC controllers with an external output transistor. These products include a soft-start circuit and an undervoltage lockout circuit (UVLO). (R1223N doesn't include a UVLO.)
The products highlighted in green rows are major products that are shown in the "DC/DC Converters Lineup in order of Input Voltage and Function".
For technical terms on the list, please refer to "Application Note".
Product Name Version Control Input Voltage Range Output Voltage Range Voltage
Accuracy *1
Frequency Output Tr. Output Current Protection Circuit Package Data Sheet
R1223N xx2A/B PWM/VFM Auto switching 2.3V to 13.2V 1.5V to 5.0V ±2% 300kHz
External Depends on external MOSFET. Latch type SOT-23-5 Download
xx2C/D PWM
xx2E/F PWM/VFM Auto switching Reset type
xx2G/H PWM
R1224N xx2E/F/L PWM/VFM Auto switching 2.3V to 18.5V 1.2V to 6.0V ±2% 180kHz(L/M)
External Depends on external MOSFET. Reset type SOT-23-5 Download
xx2G/H/M PWM
102G/H/M Ext. adjustable between
1.0V to VIN
R1225N xx2C/D/K PWM 2.3V to 18.5V 1.2V to 6.0V ±2% 180kHz(J/K)
External Depends on external MOSFET. Latch type SOT-23-6W Download
xx2A/B/J PWM/VFM Auto switching
  • *1When the output voltage is adjusted by external resistors, the value means the feedback voltage accuracy.


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