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Li-ion/polymer Battery Protection ICs

Ricoh's Li-ion/polymer battery protection ICs have been released to the market since 1995, when the Li-ion rechargeable batteries became available. Ricoh has nearly 20 years of experience developing these products. These protection ICs protect batteries provide features like over-charge/discharge voltage, excess charge/discharge current and short circuit.
Ricoh has a wide product portfolio of 1cell protection ICs for smartphones and tablets, 2cell protection ICs for DSLR and portable DVD players, multi cell protection ICs for electrical power tools and E-bike and 2nd protection ICs for notebook PCs and electrical power tools.

Multi cell Li-ion/polymer Battery Protection IC Products Lineup

Ricoh's multi cell Li-ion/polymer battery protection ICs have several advanced features such as Cell Balance Function, Cascade Connection and Breaking Wire Detection.

Product Name R5431V R5432V R5433V
Supply Current Typ. 12.0µA 6.0µA
Standby Current Max. 12.0µA - -
Detector Threshold Range
3.6V to 4.5V
Output Delay Time Typ. 1.0s
Protection Auto Release
Detector Threshold Range
2.0V to 3.0V
Output Delay Time Typ. 128ms or 1.2s Settable by C1
Protection Auto Release
  Excess discharge current
Detector Threshold Range
VD3-1 VDD-0.2V (±20mV)
VD3-2 VDD-0.6V (±100mV)
VD3-1 0.1V to 0.3V (±20mV)
VD3-2 0.45V or 0.60V (±100mV)
0.25V to 0.40V (±70mV)
0.25V or 0.30V (±55mV)
Output Delay Time Typ. tVD3-1 12ms or 1.0s
tVD3-2 2ms or 10ms
tVD3-1 Settable by C2
VD3-2 VD3-1×1/100 or 1/6
  Excess charge current
Detector Threshold
VD4 VDD+0.2V
-0.05V (±30mV) or
-0.1V (±30mV) or
-0.2V (±30mV) or
-0.4V (±40mV)
Output Delay Time Typ. 8ms -
  Short Protection
Detector Threshold VDD-1.2V 1.0V or 0.75V or VD3-2×1.67 -
Output Delay Time Typ. 300µs -
Product Name R5431V R5432V R5433V
0V charge Prohibited Selectable Acceptable
Remarks For 3 to 4cell protection.
High side protection FET.
For 3 to 5cell or more protection.
(IC cascadable*1)
Built-in Cell Balance Function.
Built-in Breaking Wire Detection.
Control over-charge and over-discharge
by output signal to MCU.
(Signal Output type)
Built-in Breaking Wire Detection.
Package SSOP-16 SSOP-24 SSOP-16
Flyer DL DL DL
Code List - Excel Excel
  • *16 Cell, 8 Cell, 10 Cell protection or other/higher cell combinations possible by connecting multiple R5432V ICs in cascade.

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Cell Balance Operation

Cell Balance Operation

  • (1)When a cell voltage is lower than the cell balance threshold, a cell is charged.
  • (2)When a cell voltage becomes higher than the cell balance threshold, CB1 pin becomes "H" and N-channel transistor turns on, and then the cell balance operation starts. Then a bypass current flows to the direction of a arrow and a charge current becomes suppressed by the bypass current.
  • (3)When a cell voltage reaches to the over-charge threshold, cell charging stops after the output delay time.
  • (4)If charging to a cell stops, the cell balance operation continues until a cell voltage becomes lower than the cell balance released threshold. The bypass current continues to flow decreasing the cell voltage.
  • (5)When a cell voltage reaches to the cell balance released voltage, CB1 pin becomes "L" and N-channel transistor turns off, and then cell balance operation stops.

Breaking Wire Detection

In case of using a battery pack in electric power tools exposed to heavy vibrations, there is a risk that the protection circuit fails due to a breaking wire condition between battery cells and protection circuit board.

The Breaking Wire Detection circuit performs a test at fixed intervals, depending on the capacitance connected to CTLT pin. When a breaking wire event occurs, it results in interrupting the charge or discharge condition.

Cascade Connection

Multi cell Li-ion/polymer battery protection ICs can protect over 6cells by cascade connection.

Cascade Connection

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