DC/DC Converter Application Note

Externally Adjustable Phase Compensation

The phase compensation of some DC/DC converters can be set with external components. Please set the phase compensation of such products by connecting an external capacitor (speed up capacitor) and resistor to the AMPOUT pin.
The response of the products with internal phase compensation may not be optimal in some operating conditions, because the phase compensation settings of these products give priority to the stability of the circuit in all conditions. There are guidelines available for selecting the external parts (inductor and output capacitor). The response and the stability of the products with external phase compensation should be best during actual operating conditions such as input voltage, output voltage, output current, inductor, output capacitor and oscillator frequency.
In addition, please select the capacitor and the resistor used for external phase compensation based on the recommended value and formula which is described in the product specification and carefully adjust by evaluation during operating conditions.

External Phase Compensation

Externally Adjustable Phase Compensation Available


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