RN5T651 Series

Charge-Pump for White LED and Power Supply

RN5T651 contains constant frequency charge pump to optimize for white LED application, step-down DC/DC converter and two low-noise LDOs. Output enable/disable, LEDs current setting and LDO output voltage setting are individually controllable through I2C.

Data Sheet Package Info.
RN5T651 Series
Rev. 3.4 (2.82MB)
  • Power Supply Function
  • Step-down DC/DC converter x 1 (ON/OFF programmable)
  • LDO x 2 (ON/OFF programmable)
  • Over current Protection (ALL Regulators) and thermal shutdown
  • White LED Charge Pump
  • Current capability: All currents capability 450mA
  • Flash at 300mA max.
  • Four Main LEDs at 25mA max.
  • Two Sub LEDs 25mA max.
  • I2C-Bus (Max 400kHz)
  • Address = 12h
  • ON/OFF control
  • Individual LEDs current value setting
  • Individual LDOs voltage value setting
  • Others
  • Soft-start circuit
  • Short-circuit circuit, open-circuit and Thermal Protection
  • Package
  • 28pin Thin QFN package (Body size: 4 x 4 x 0.8mm)
  • Process
  • CMOS process

  • Wireless Handset
  • MP3 players, PDA
  • Digital Still Cameras
  • Portable GPS

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