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R5U875 Specifications

The R5U875 is a USB2.0-Video Interface Controller compliant with USB2.0 Video Class. The R5U875 supports a built-in MJPEG encoder and provides high quality video streaming.
The R5U875 has been designed small and compact enough to be embedded and is the best solution for a compact USB Camera Module.

* Package
QFN-48 (size=5x7, pitch=0.40, t=0.8max unit:mm)
CSP-56 (size=4.5x5.5, pitch=0.50, t=1.0max unit:mm)
Product Frame Rate
Input Voltage
Data Interface
Image Format
Image Format
R5U875 VGA: 30fps
SXGA: 15fps
UXGA: 15fps
3.3V Parallel YUV422 YUV422

Supports USB Video Class 1.1

  • *Supports a built-in PHY compliant with USB2.0.
  • *Adopting high-speed and high-bandwidth Isochronous transfer enables high frame rates of up to 15fps @UXGA.
  • *The R5U875 supports Microsoft native drivers.

Adoption of Motion-JPEG (MJPEG)

  • *A built-in MJPEG encoder provides high quality video streaming.
  • *It provides a high frame rate on a large image size.

Low Power Consumption 

  • *Low operating power consumption.
  • *The power consumption is further reduced during suspend mode.
  • *The internal regulator allows 3.3V single power operation.

Small Package & Space Savings 

  • *Supports two small packages: a 48-pin QFN package and a 56-pin CSP package.
  • *Allows a design with high flexibility such as an ultra-compact module.

General-purpose Input / Output

  • *Using the general-purpose Input/Output allows the system to have the unique functions.


  • Web Camera

Notice: Firmware should be modified to fit each product.
Please contact our distributor or sales representative for details.

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