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[ Limited Products ]

R5C485/R5C486 will be Non-promotion/Discontinued Product.
We recommend new or existing products to the customers.

R5C485/R5C486 Specifications

The R5C485 (1slot)/ 486 (2 slots) is a single chip solution offering PCI bus - PC Card bridge function. The R5C485/486 can control the PC Card interface without an external buffer.
RICOH PC Card/Flash Memory Card/IEEE1394 Controller series has got a variable lineup with different slot counts and packages. The R5C485/486 can share a PCB (printed circuit board) with the R5C551/554, which supports IEEE1394.

R5C485:LQFP-144 (size=20x20, pitch=0.5, t=1.7max unit:mm)
R5C486:LQFP-208 (size=28x28, pitch=0.5, t=1.7max unit:mm)
Device I/F Power Supply
Slot Maximum
Power Consumption
Current (Standby)
R5C485 PCI Bus 3.3V±0.3V
1 33MHz 150µA
R5C486 PCI Bus 3.3V±0.3V
2 33MHz 200µA

PC Card Interface

The R5C485/486 can control the 16-bit PC Card and the 32-bit CardBus Card without an external buffer, and is compliant with the PC Card standard. With high-speed data transfer (transfer rate: 32 bits, bus clock: 33 MHz) and a bus master function, the R5C485/486 is an ideal device for high-speed processing cards such as highspeed LAN cards, video cards and image processing cards.

Low Power Consumption

Due to the originally developed hardware design, power consumption during Suspend mode has been drastically reduced.

Small Package

In addition to the LQFP package, the R5C485/486 comes in a compact, slim CSP package, which is ideal for devices that require miniaturization.


  • Personal computers (laptop, palmtop, stylus-operated or tablet PC)
  • Docking stations
  • Car navigation systems
  • PDA
  • Systems with PC Card slots, etc.

R5C485/R5C486 will be Non-promotion/Discontinued Products.
We recommend new or existing products to the customers.