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RF5C396 Specifications

The RF5C396 is a single chip solution offering bridge function between system buses and PC Cards which are compliant with the PCMCIA2.1/JEIDA4.2 standard.
Adopting the RF5C396 makes it possible to configure an ISA bus system and a universal bus system which support PC Cards.

* Package
  LQFP-208 (size=28x28, pitch=0.5, t=1.7max unit:mm)
Device I/F 16-bit
PC Card
Power Supply
Slot Power Consumption
Current (Standby)
RF5C396 ISA Bus - 5V±10%
2 10µA

High Versatility

The RF5C396 is register-compatible with the Intel 82365SL, and adopts the ISA bus as standard.
Therefore, it is easy to connect with universal interfaces. Incorporating a buffer and a transceiver, the R5C396 can be directly coupled to the ISA system bus and the PC Card slots.

Separate Power Supply

The RF5C396 is capable of supplying power of 3.3V or 5.0V separately to the slot interface, the system bus, and the core logic.


  • Personal computers (laptop, palmtop, stylus-operated or tablet PC)
  • Docking stations
  • Car navigation systems
  • PDA
  • Systems with PC Card slots, etc.

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