R1513S SeriesAEC-Q100 Compliant

36V, 0.8% Accuracy, 300mA, Voltage Regulator for Automotive Applications


Data Sheet

Data Sheet

The R1513S is a CMOS-based voltage regulator (VR) that specifically designed for automotive applications featuring 300mA output current and 36V input voltage. Internally, the R1513S consists of a fold-back protection circuit, a short current protection circuit and a thermal shutdown circuit in addition to the basic regulator circuit.
The performance is specified for 25°C with ±0.8% output voltage accuracy and for the −40°C to 125°C temperature range with ±1.0% output voltage accuracy. The operating temperature range is −40°C to 125°C and the maximum input voltage is 36V. All these features make the R1513S ideal for power source for car accessories and electronic control units in automotive vehicles.
The R1513S is available in 1.2V, 1.5V, 1.8V, 3.3V, 3.4V and 5.0V fixed output voltage options. By using external divider resistors, the output voltage can be set over a 1.2V to 18.0V range.
The R1513S is offered in a 6-pin HSOP-6J high wattage package.


Input Voltage (Maximum Ratings) 3.5 V to 36 V (50 V)
Operating Temperature Range −40°C to 125°C
Supply Current Typ. 75µA
Standby Current Typ. 0.1µA
Dropout Voltage Typ. 0.32 V (IOUT = 300 mA, VOUT = 5.0 V)
Output Voltage Accuracy ±0.8% (Ta = 25°C)
±1.0% (−40°C to 125°C)
Line Regulation Typ. 0.01%/V (VDD = VOUT + 1 V to 36 V)
Package Type
Output Voltage 1.2 V / 1.5 V / 1.8 V / 3.3 V / 3.4 V / 5.0 V
Contact Ricoh sales representatives for other voltages.
Adjustable Output Voltage Type : 1.2V to 18.0V
Short-current Protection Circuit Current Limit Typ. 50mA
Fold-back Protection Circuit Current Limit Typ. 450mA
Thermal Shutdown Circuit Shutdown at Typ. 160°C
Ripple Rejection Typ. 70dB (f = 100Hz)
Ceramic Capacitor Compatible C1 = 1.0µF or more, C2 = 4.7µF or more


  • Power source for car accessories including car audio equipment, car navigation system, and ETC system.
  • Power source for control units including EV inverter and charge control.

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R1513S Series
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