R1190x Series

1A Voltage Regulator (Operating Voltage up to 16V) for Automotive Applications


Data Sheet

Data Sheet

The R1190x series are a low supply current voltage regulator with high output voltage accuracy. The maximum operating voltage is 16V and the output current is 1A. Each of these ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, a resistor-net for voltage setting, as a short current protection, a peak current protection, a thermal shutdown, an inrush current limit and a chip enable circuit. The wide input voltage range (Max. 16V). Additionally, the output voltage is fixed internally, in the range from 2.0V to 12.0V by the 0.1V steps. The supply current of R1190x series is excellent (Typ. 150µA) moreover R1190x series has the standby mode (Typ. 0.1µA) by the chip enable function.
Since the package for these ICs are TO-252-5-P2 and HSOP-6J with high power dissipation, high density mounting of the ICs on boards is possible.


Input Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) 3.5V to 16V (18V)
Supply Current Typ. 150µA
Standby Current Typ. 0.1µA
Output Voltage Range 2.0V to 12.0V (0.1V steps)
Output Voltage Accuracy ±1.5%
Temperature-Drift Coefficient of Output Voltage Typ. ±100ppm/°C
Dropout Voltage Typ. 1.1V (IOUT=1A, VOUT=5V)
Output Current Min. 1A (3.3V ≤ VOUT ≤ 12.0V)
Line Regulation Typ. 0.02%/V
Ripple Rejection Typ. 60dB
Packages HSOP-6J, TO-252-5-P2
Built-in Fold Back Protection Circuit Typ.300mA (Current at short mode)
Built-in Thermal Shutdown Circuit  
Built-in Inrush Current Limit Circuit The Delay Pin for setting Inrush Current Limit Time


  • Power source for accessories such as car audios, car navigation systems, and ETC systems

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Data Sheet Package Quality Assurance Data Suffix Composition & Content*1
R1190x Series HSOP-6J Reliability -AE Sn (Sn: 100%)
TO-252-5-P2 Reliability -AE Sn (Sn: 100%)
  • *1The composition of the product cannot be specified.

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