R3119N SeriesAEC-Q100 Compliant

36V Input Voltage Detector with Delay Function for Automotive Applications


Data Sheet

Data Sheet

The R3119N is a CMOS-based 36V input (absolute maximum ratings: 50V) voltage detector (VD) provided with high detector threshold accuracy and ultra-low supply current. Internally, the R3119N consists of a voltage reference unit, a hysteresis comparator, a resistor net for setting output voltage and an output driver transistor.
The R3119NxxxA is equipped with a CD pin and the R3119NxxxE is equipped with a SENSE pin.
The supply current of IC is only 3.3 μA. The detector threshold range is 2.3V to 12V, and the detector threshold accuracy is 1.5%. The output type is Nch. open drain "L" output.
The R3119N is available in a 5-pin SOT-23-5 package. Use of this package achieves high-density mounting on boards.


Operating Voltage Range (Maximum Rating) R3119NxxxA: 1.2V to 36.0V (50.0V)
R3119NxxxE: 2.1V to 6.0V (7.0V)
Operating Temperature Range −40°C to 105°C
Supply Current Typ. 3.3µA
Detector Threshold Range 2.3V to 12.0V (0.1V steps)
Detector Threshold Accuracy ±1.5% (Ta =25°C)
Detector Threshold Temperature Coefficient Typ. ±100 ppm / °C
Release Output Delay Time R3119NxxxA : Typ.85ms (at CD = 0.01µF)
Release Output Delay Time Accuracy R3119NxxxA : −50% to 80%
Output Type Nch. Open Drain


  • Voltage monitoring for car accessories including car audios, car navigation systems, ETC systems.

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