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LED Driver Controller for Lighting

LED Driver Controller for Lighting

Ricoh offers power management ICs for LED lighting in 'Smart Society' that help our customers to add a new value to their products.

Constant Current LED Driver Controller

We provide a constant current LED driver controller that can achieve human-friendly LED lightings. This controller can be used for LED lightings for FA equipment or various facilities that are directly driven by DC current. It also can be used for illumination for brightening surroundings or illumination for amusement that requires a large current or a wide dimming range. Also, it can be used for illumination for image recognition system that requires flicker-free lighting at photographing. This controller also can be used as a constant current controller for various equipments that require constant current.

Product Name Datasheet Dimming Control Feedback
Signal Input Circuit Feature
R1580N001A DL 1 - 100 % 0.4 V 140 µA Comparator Input,
H=1.2V, L=1.1V
If a 0.5% dimming is not required,
001A is recommended.
R1580N002A DL 0.5 - 100 % 0.8 V 140 µA Comparator Input,
H=1.2V, L=1.1V
High Accuracy Dimming, Min. Dimming 0.5%
R1580N003A DL 1 - 100 % 0.4 V 28 µA Inverter Input,
H=1.2V, L=0.4V
Low Standby Current Type

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