CMOS Analog Process

Process & Options

Ricoh's manufacturing service offers the following basic processes with Design Rules and Spice Parameters, including TEG's for the evaluation of Analog Characteristics.

Feature / Prosess 0.8µm
0.6µm 0.5µm 0.3µm
Max. Operating Voltage
for LV core Tr. 
6.0V 6.0V 3.6V/6.5V 3.3V/5.0V/6.5V
Multi Vth (Low, Dep) * * * *
16V Transistor Option   *  
20V Transistor Option   *    
30V Transistor Option   *    
40V Transistor Option   *  
50V Transistor Option   *  
BJT: Vertical/Lateral PNP   VPNP VPNP
Triple Well  
Thin Film Resister *   TBA
High Resistivity Polysilicon
Low TC Resistor
Depletion Capacitor
PiP Capacitor  
Laser Fuse Technology
Number of Metal Layers 2 3 3 4
Buffer Coat (PBO) * * *
Thick Metal Interconnect *   *

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