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Executive Message

Photo: Satoru TajiSatoru Taji

Ricoh has established a semiconductor business since 1981. For more than thirty years, we have been successfully providing the advanced semiconductor devices. To focus on making prompt and accurate management decisions in fast-moving semiconductor industry, Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd was launched in October, 2014 as a subsidiary company of Ricoh.

As a Ricoh Group company, we continuously improve our ability to execute product planning, product development, product manufacturing, product marketing and product quality management.

During the past decades, as a leading global provider of semiconductor devices, we have been engaged in the work of transforming the CMOS analog technology into high value-added products.

We have been able to contribute to our customer’s creation of high value-added products by providing low power consumption ICs for mobile equipment, high-voltage/ high-current/ high-performance ICs for automotive vehicles and industrial equipment, and small-sized and high-precision protection ICs for Li-ion battery.

We also have been able to contribute to the Ricoh Group’s creation of high quality printers and MFPs by providing high-performance imaging system LSIs that can differentiate Ricoh Group from top competitors as a leading provider of office equipment.

Using our unique device manufacturing technology, we offer a customer owned tooling (COT) service that is receiving high evaluation from our customers.

We are dedicated to providing high value-added CMOS analog devices for our customers while committed to producing the eco-friendly products. We are now aiming to expand further as a leading global provider of semiconductor devices, armed with the flow of ingenious idea, that can precisely grasp the market’s needs and the customer’s needs in a timely manner.

We remain committed to building stronger and more effective partnerships with our customers and all the cooperative companies. We are truly grateful to you for choosing us as your business partner and giving us the opportunity to grow. We look forward to your continued support and advice in the years ahead.

Satoru Taji
Ricoh Electronic Devices Co., Ltd.